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DVD Players/Recorders

Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player $800, May 2006 Toshiba's second-generation top-of-the-line HD DVD player offers glitch-free operation, stellar image and sound quality, and a more-or-less future-proof feature package. Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console/Blu-ray Disc Player $599, January 2007 In separate reports (the original three-player comparison review is here), we declared the PS3 among the best and most advanced Blu-ray movie players as well as an exciting game console. Oppo DV-981HD Upconverting DVD Player $229, May 2007 Though not a true high-def disc player, superb 1080p upconversion of regular DVDs and the ability to play many disc types (including DVD-Audio and SACD) make this a great bargain. RCA DRC8060 Upconverting DVD Player/Recorder $220, February/March 2006 Though the DRC8060 is still available for the moment at retail, RCA recently replaced this highly capable upscaling DVD player/recorder with a model that lacks the Commercial Skip feature we loved. Based on Sound & Vision's experience with the following brands and model lines, also consider these untested models: Denon upconverting DVD players, all models,