Sound & Vision's Best: July/August 2008

Klipsch Icon XF-48 active stereo speakers $2,498 a pair, June 2008 The flagship of Klipsch's Icon line, the XF-48 boasts an all-new horn-tweeter design. It's an active full-range speaker, meaning all the necessary amplification, custom tailored to its woofers and tweeter, is contained within the speaker itself.


Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-110FD 50-inch plasma $6,000, reviewed February/March 2008 Plasma lives! This truly Elite model reproduces blacks like no other HDTV out there.

Samsung LN-T5281F 52-inch 1080p LCD $4,500, February/March 2008 Delivers the deepest shadows of any LCD we've tested to date.

Mitsubishi HC6000 1080p LCD front projector $3,995, June 2008 Ups the ante set by its HD1 predecessor with a crisp high-def picture and superb picture contrast.

Sony XEL-1 11-inch OLED TV $2,500, April 2008 The first OLED to hit the market defines the phrase "truly flat": Its cabinet depth is a mere 3 millimeters.


Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-ray Disc player $500, May 2008 Looking for a standalone Blu-ray Disc player? You'll be hard-pressed to find a $500 model that's as pretty to look at or as well equipped, or that works as smoothly, as this one. Noted reviewer Rob Sabin: "I was satisfied with the crisp, vivid look of the animation in Meet the Robinsons and the well-mixed surround effects from that disc's uncompressed PCM soundtrack." Clean, dynamic, and sleek-looking to boot - bingo!

Anthem Statement D2 A/V processor $7,499, June 2008 Room correction makes the best A/V processor out there even better.

Bryston B100 SST integrated stereo amplifier $3,895, May 2008 This amp is tonally neutral, dynamically superb, and functionally flawless.

Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH A/V receiver $1,599, January 2008 Tons of useful features backed up by stellar A/V performance.


Revel Ultima Salon2 stereo speakers $22,000 a pair, May 2008 Yes, the cost is a budget-buster, but if you want to hear exactly what your favorite music and movies are supposed to sound like, few speakers can equal or exceed these.

REL T1 subwoofer $998, May 2008 With flexible input and setup options, this chameleon-like sub proves that, when it comes to bass, quality is more important than quantity.

Monitor Audio Platinum Series home theater speaker system $19,600 as tested, June 2008 A high-end system built for demanding fare and capacious surroundings combines audiophile-pleasing delicacy with the dynamics necessary for large home theaters.