Sound & Visionary: Bob Carver Page 2

Are you working on anything now that you think addresses the future of home entertainment? I'm working on some very, very small subwoofers with immense power output. Subs used to be coffee-table size, because if you wanted really deep bass and lots of output they had to be that big. Then I came out with my True Sub about 10 years ago, and it had box pressure that was 10 times greater than what was available then. The one I'm working on now will have box pressure eight times greater than that, and it will be so small that it will be invisible in a living room. You'll be able to hide it easily in a corner with a fern around it.

There's a lot of talk about needing four subs in a room. [See "Why You Need Four Subwoofers".] It sounds like your new subs would be the perfect way to achieve that. Exactly. Having four small subs that can produce 16 times more bass than one traditional sub is awesome, especially since they can vanish into the room. These subs will be able to create a lot of bass, have a smooth response almost without trying, and disappear into the room. That's the brand-new technology I'm working on now.

How many subs do you have in your living room? I'm a fan of two subs in a room for a couple of reasons - one is aesthetic and the other is scientific. The scientific reason first: Having two subs in a room creates a more uniform response. But the aesthetic reason is actually more important to me. If designed properly, one very tiny subwoofer can be put here and one very tiny one can be put over there, and they're essentially invisible.

You've invented many groundbreaking products. Which are your favorites? Of all the innovations I'm known for, two stand out. One of is Sonic Holography, which takes the flat curtain of sound strung between two stereo speakers and produces a three-dimensional image that's wider, higher, and deeper than the speakers. This creates a soundstage you can immerse yourself in. When you close your eyes, you can really believe you're in the presence of a live orchestra.