Sound & Vision Video Interviews

Toshiba's Mark Knox Talks about HD DVD and Blu-ray Jamie Sorcher recently sat down with Toshiba HD DVD guru Mark Knox to get his company's take on the present and future of the big hi-def disc rollout. Posted: 08/04/06

Bob Carver Interview S&V sits down with the legendary audio engineer, designer, inventor, and all-round innovator to probe his thoughts on various subjects. Posted: 05/06 - 06/06 Bob Carver Interview
Satellite radio's little dog puts its money where its muzzle is Hear what Sirius VP of corporate communications Jim Collins has to say about his company's latest moves and the future of satellite radio. Posted: 03/24/06 collins_interview_thumb
The Mark Cuban Interview Sound & Vision's Jamie Sorcher interviews first-ever Visionary Award winner Mark Cuban, founder of HDNet at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show. Posted: January, 2006 cuban_interview_thumb

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