Sound & Vision 2006 Editors' Choice Awards

It's always fascinating to look back on the 150 or so products we touch each year at Sound & Vision and select those that left an indelible impression on our editors and reviewers. After the votes are tallied and the debates quelled, we often end up with an eclectic list: big, small, cheap, expensive; products that perform remarkably, and some that simply perform but speak so loudly to the philosopher-enthusiast inside us that they deserve to be recognized. And so it is that our 2006 Editors' Choice Awards range from the pricey (a $21,000 LCD flat-panel TV, a $16,000 front projector) to the affordable ($350 headphones, a $250 wireless music system); from the evolutionary (the world's first 50-inch 1080p plasma set, a next-gen game console) to the breakthroughs (the world's first high-def disc player, an IP-based multiroom audio system).

We hope you'll find this year's mix of products as intriguing as we do. Let us know what you think.