Sound-Soothing iPhone App

Do you know anyone addicted to white noise to lull them to sleep? At home with your favorite fan, it's not a problem. But, start traveling, and its a whole new problem. Nights are spent trying to find static on hotel radios as most TVs now shut off if you try to tune into an unused station. And bathroom fans aren't reliable sources either, especially if tied to a bright light. That just adds another thing to keep you up all night.

Of course, now there's an iPhone app to the rescue. White Noise is a $0.99 application that you can download for 40 different soothing sounds. The choices range from ocean waves to crickets to the fan that simulates the one you left at home.

Ahhh... nothing like the sounds of silence. Unless the silence is deafening.  --Leslie Shapiro

White Noise via Washington Post