Sony's Ultra-Ultra-Thin OLED TV

Ultra-ultra thin. That's not a typo. Just a lack of words to describe what happens when you take an ultra-thin screen and make it 1/10th its original thickness. If you thought that Sony's XEL-1 OLED display was thin at 3.0mm, what do you think about 0.3mm?  See?  Ultra-ultra-thin. Here are more details.

OLED technology uses a thin film of organic light-emitting diodes that can be placed on a thin surface. Apparently, it can be placed on a very thin surface. A year ago, Sony showed off OLED built onto organic TFT (thin-film transistor) technology. Not only can this material be extremely thin, it could also be flexible. 

This new Sony model is being reported by The Silicon Valley Insider to be debuted by Sony's CEO Howard Stringer at the D6 conference. Don't expect to see it on the shelves of your local TV shop this year, but it could be coming soon.

How thin is thin? Sony's 0.3mm display is about the thickness of a playing card.â??Leslie Shapiro

Silicon Valley Insider

UPDATE! EngadgetHD is reporting that Stringer said that a 27-inch model is in the works, but only millionaires and billionaires will be able to afford it. However, he also said that he hopes OLED will overtake LCD in the home.


Photo courtesy of EngadgetHD