Sony's Ultra-Rich 4K Projectors

Have you been lusting for the best in the biz? Always trying to outdo your neighbors? Instead of keeping up with the Jones', wanna knock it out of the park?

Sony just introduced two new 4K projectors that are bound to impress, with resolution of 4096 x 2160. That's four times more than 1920 x 1080 HD.

The projectors use  Sony's SXRD technology, with two liquid crystal on silicon LCOS projectors. They both offer 2,500:1 contrast ratios. The 11,000-lumen SRX-T110 uses two 2kW Xenon lamps, and the SRX-T105 has two 1kW lamps, delivering 5,500 lumens.

How much will these beauties set you back? If you have to ask . . .

The SRX-T110 will retail in selected markets beginning in November for $114,000.00. The significantly cheaper SRX-T105 will sell for about $71,000.00.  Considering the amount of material available to show on these monsters, that's a hefty price tag for your home theater.

Ideal for business applications, they can be used to set up four displays, split screen with HD video from four sources. However, don't think you can take this to your next business meeting - they each weigh in at 265 lbs. Not exactly a pocket projector.

All kidding aside, these are professional projectors, not meant for the home market. Still, it's fun to dream about .  . . -Leslie Shapiro

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