Sony to replace old UMDs with digital files

Adding 16GB of built-in storage to the PSPGo was a great move on Sony's part. It's something fans have been asking for since launch and it makes integration with the PS3 that much easier. But, by nixing the UMD drive, they have put upgraders in a tough spot. But, so they don't end up with a sack of unplayable games, Sony has said that they'll be offering digital files of the games to owners. They haven't exactly revealed how many of the titles will be available at launch (it won't be all of them) or how much it will cost, but we will be very impressed if they do it for free. But, Apple didn't even give away their upgraded iTunes tracks for free, so that might be something of a pipe dream.

While the PSP might not have a lot to do with home theaters, the concept of getting a digital file of media you have already purchased is one that hits close to home. How many different copies of The Godfather have you paid for? It's quite a few over here. It's great that DVDs have started to come with digital files, but what about the thousands we have already bought and aren't legally allowed to rip? We're not holding our breath, but seeing this kind of program, especially from Sony, is definitely at least a little encouraging.