Sony Playstation 3 Slim will be $300 in September

The internet has been abuzz with talk of a skinnied-up PS3 for months, but now Sony has made it official. The Slim will cost $299 and sport a same 120GB hard drive, but it will be lighter and smaller by more than a third. It will also use substantially less power, which is great news for people who leave their machines on at all times. Release is slated for September, which means Sony is really counting on these things flying off the shelves for the holiday season. I can only wonder what kind of deals we'll see on Black Friday.

If you're not keen on waiting for the Slim to show its pretty head, you can pick up a chubby 8GB model for that $299 pricepoint. That seems like kind of a silly move, though, unless you're really dying to play Killzone 2. In that case, I guess I can't blame you.