Sony OLED -- No Strings Attached

There's been lots of talk about wireless HD. Yeah, no HDMI cables have to run to your TV, but they all still need power, and that unsightly power cord running up the wall. (Yeah, yeah, I know you can run all the cables and power in the wall, but that ruins my point, so deal with it.)

Sony has come to the rescue. Their ultra-slim OLED TV, that 11-inch wonder, is now available in a wireless, battery-powered version. Totally cordless - no strings, or cables, attached.

Why is it a bit beefier than the original XEL-1? (Kinda like saying that Keira Knightley is beefy, but you know what I mean.)

Sony1_07 This new model has a built-in HDTV tuner, which adds a bit of bulk to the 3-millimeter display.

Now, a screen that little doesn't really need to be wall-mounted, so the wireless/battery-powered goodness of this set makes it more useful as a portable device. I see it more for taking over to the breakfast nook on a Sunday morning to watch the Sunday news-talk, or using for a small gaming system than for a teensy-tiny home theater. Sony1_08

Whatever you use it for, it's fun to think what this can grow into. -Leslie Shapiro

Photos and news courtesy of AV Watch