Sony Ericsson Planning 20MP, Full HD Video Phones by 2012

Looks like I bought a new cellphone a few years too early. While most phones are maxing out these days at around 5 megapixels — 8 if you're lucky — Sony Ericsson just announced plans to blow those numbers out of the water.

In a bit of fortune-telling, Sony Ericsson has plans to create a cell phone with Full HD resolution, impressive screen resolution similar to an LCD projector, a 1 GHz CPU, and Internet connection speeds of over 100 Mbps.  When do they propose to make this a reality?

The future is closer than you think. SE is predicting to have this to market by 2012. Amazing.

"We have an image of a mobile terminal equipped with digital camera and camcorder capabilities of the future," said Jonas Lundstedt, Ericsson's Director Portfolio Management, Product and Portfolio Management.

Have to wonder with tiny optics and sensors, how good will all those pixels really look? —Leslie Shapiro