Sony Covering All Bases: FED TVs Are Coming

We just reported that Sony's coming out with a 27-inch OLED display in the somewhat-near future. But, before you start saving up for that, check out the latest technology Sony's working on.

Sony is taking over a Pioneer manufacturing plant so they can start mass producing FED panels - field emission displays. Reports indicate production will begin in late 2009.

Field emission displays are known for images similar to old-fashioned cathode ray tubes, except they're able to be very thin. The benefits are similar to CRT: deep blacks and zero motion blur. A report by Nikkei calls FED a "dream panel."

Phosph6 FED panels are much easier to manufacturer than OLED.  OLED has been held back by this issue.

Instead of getting caught in the current LCD vs. Plasma buyer confusion, Sony is planning to push FED displays into the broadcast industry and for medical applications - typically, a separate division from consumer electronics. It's predicted that they will come out with a 60-inch consumer models when the time comes.

Seems like we better start making even more room in the home theater for yet another type of display. I'm gonna need a bigger wall in my living room. Anyone know a good contractor? -Leslie Shapiro

Photo and story via Nikkei

Schematic courtesy of The University of Tennessee Knoxville