Sirius XM Rate Hike - But What About Those FCC Rules?

Rumors are flying around the web that Sirius XM is about to raise their rates. Normally, you would think that's just business as usual. No problem, except that part of the FCC approval of the merger of XM and Sirius is that there wouldn't be a rate hike for at least three years.

What gives?

Remember that these are just rumors, but it looks like there are ways around the FCC agreement. Here's what are some plausible situations: multiple receiver fees will increase from $6.99/month to $8.99/month. The online listening will, for the first time, have a fee, going from totally free for satellite subscribers to $2.99/month for the basic package to a whopping $8.99/month for Mostly Music and Family Pack subscribers.

The other rumors fly right in the face of the FCC violation, because they're the satellite rate increase that the FCC specifically prohibited. According to the rumors, current subscribers can lock in their current rates. If the rumors are true, notification will be going out on January 26th, and rates can be locked in up until March 11th.

So, what do you think - should the FCC step in, or should they just let Sirius XM do whatever they need to do to stay afloat?--Leslie Shapiro

UPDATE: Customer service confirms that this is NOT a rumor.  So, unless you never listen online or have just the most basic package, expect a price hike. Thanks, SiriusBuzz.