Sirius XM iPhone app is live, lacks Howard

If you have been pining for satellite radio on your iPhone or iPod touch, then today is your lucky day. The Sirius XM app lets you stream 120 channels to your portable player. It's free for Premium subscribers, but will cost $3 a month (after a free 7-day trial) if you're not.

Impressions of the app have been excellent so far, but it's getting a ton of bad reviews on its App Store page due to the fact that Howard Stern's stations aren't part of the package. We're not exactly sure what that is--it might have something to do with AT&T not wanting its servers crushed to death with data--but there's still plenty of other good stuff available to make it worth the extra scratch. And, if you don't think it's worth it, there are still always Pandora and Slacker to help you drown out the sickening silence.