Sharper Image: Not Dead Yet

Interesting news in my mailbox this morning. Remember the Sharper Image? You know, the snazzy electronics and gadget retailer who went belly-up earlier this year?  (Along with my extended warranty on my digital camera, to say nothing about my Ionic Breeze air purifiers . . . )

All 186 of their stores shut down, and the website went stagnant. Sad, because they did offer some fun products. I know one person who can't dream about sleeping with his Sharper Image Travel Soother white noise generator. But, a peek at their website hints of news, "Sorry to keep you in the dark. But, there's something big coming. Soon. Stay tuned."

Interesting.  Keep reading for the email about what they're planning for CES in just a few weeks. 

Please join us for the much-anticipated launch of the ‘New Era of Sharper Image’ which will take place at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 8-11, 2009. We are excited to be introducing over 20 new Sharper Image products that will be available in a wide range of retail stores in 2009.

Our all new electronics line brings back to the marketplace the best things that the Sharper Image brand represents—innovation, premium performance and unique designs. We’ll be relaunching with a range of wireless audio, bedside audio, portable audio and speaker systems products that we invite you to preview at CES.

A link provided shows lots of iPod-related products. Out of the shop-owner business, and back to what they do best -- making fun and interesting products. Hope we'll see them at CES. I'll be there -- and I'll keep you posted. —Leslie Shapiro

The Sharper Image