Sharp: Thin, Wireless and X-rated!

Think you can't have a flat-panel TV because you can't get the wiring from your components to your TV? Is lack of running an HDMI cable keeping your Blu-ray player blue? Today, Sharp announced, "Yes!" or probably more accurately, "Hai!" to wireless HD video transmission. With their forthcoming X-series line-up of LCD sets, Sharp teamed with AMIMON to wirelessly beam 2-million glorious pixels through thin air. 

By incorporating AMIMON's WHDI technology, Sharp's X-series TVs will wirelessly transmit uncompressed HD video signals to the TV. This will greatly simplify wall-mounted installations without needing to retrofit cabling into the wall. (Of course, you can always pay a custom installer like me to do it!) WHDI is stated to operate at ranges over 100-feet, through multiple walls and with a latency of less than one millisecond, making it sound like the perfect wireless HD video solution.

Being thin and beautiful ain't easy, and to get down to a scant 3.44 centimeters at their thinnest point, some parts had to go. And like a runway model after a Big Mac, the X-series has been purged of fatty things like tuners and video inputs, moving them to an outboard module. This will make wireless video transmission even more important since this module might not be installed directly next to the set. For those people not ready to jump on the wireless bandwagon, the tuner can be connected directly to the set via old school cabling. (Of course, you'll want a special wall-mount for a TV this thin. Click here to read about Peerless new Slimline mounts.)

The new sets will initially be offered in 37, 42 and 46-inch screen sizes and feature all of the gee-whiz features you'd expect like 1080p resolution, retina-searing contrast ratios, and 120-Hertz refresh rates. Sadly, the sets aren't scheduled to debut until next March. And for right now, only in Japan. Shimata!  - John Sciacca

John Sciacca is The Custom Installer columnist for Sound & Vision. His company is Custom Theater and Audio.