Sharp AQUOS with Built-in Blu-ray

Remember how low-class it was to have a TV with a built-in VCR?  No one would ever take that seriously. What if an HDTV had a built-in Blu-ray player?  Better yet, add in an HDTV tuner too. Not too shabby, right?

Sharp is doing just that with their new AQUOS DX product line. In a variety of sizes ranging from 26-inches all the way up to 52-inches, these all-in-one units are just perfect for the techno-phobe who still wants the advantages of HD and Blu-ray.

Alas, they're not all in 1080p.  The 26-inch and 32-inch models are "only" 1,366 x 768, while everything bigger are in Full 1080p HD. Nice.

They'll be available in Japan starting in late November, and globally sometime after. Prices in Japan will range from $1,963 to $4,909 depending on screen size. 

First to the market with a built in. Nice work, Sharp! -Leslie Shapiro

Photo and story: EngadgetHD