Sennheiser's little headphones for big gaming

PC 300Most gaming headsets are big, bulky cans with boom mics for voice chatting. After all, when you're sitting in front of a computer, why do you need portability? Ear cups can immerse you cheaper and easier than quality ear buds, and a boom mic is easier to make functional than an iPhone headphone-like dangling mic. Sennheiser is bucking this trend with the PC 300 G4ME headset, a slick set of earbuds designed for gaming.

The PC 300 takes Sennheiser's CX-300 II in-ear headphones, and adds an in-line omnidirectional microphone, a second 3.5mm jack (for use with PCs, which have separate plugs for headphones and microphone), and a 6.5-foot quick-release extension cable. The final result is one of the more advanced gaming headsets on the market, in a package you can tuck into your pocket. Of course, this all comes at a price; at $169.95, the PC 300 is one of the priciest gaming headsets on the market. On the bright side, its small size makes it a fine double-use headset; when you're done playing Team Fortress 2, you can listen to music and watch movies on your iPod, like it was a set of CX-300 II buds. The PC 300 G4ME headset is available now.

Will Greenwald