Seeing Watchmen on IMAX? The end is nigh, the popcorn is free

Watchmen Watchmen is shaping up to be one of the biggest movies of the season, and it's almost certainly going to be one of the biggest to hit IMAX. This Friday, the film hits both the big screen and the bigger screen, and if you choose to see it on the latter you might see some free popcorn come your way.

AMC Theaters is offering a coupon good for a large popcorn to anyone going to see a film on one of their IMAX screens. Simple as that. Print out the coupon, get an IMAX ticket, get free popcorn.

The coupon works with any IMAX ticket (not just Watchmen), and it's good until April 16. Considering how expensive the movie-going experience can be, especially on IMAX, and especially in this town (New York, home of no less than two AMC theaters with IMAX screens), a free popcorn is worth its weight in gold. Or at least golden buttery substitute.

Will Greenwald

Source: Buxr