Rush DVD-V

R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour Anthem/Zöe Vision
Show ••••½ DVD Pic/Snd ••••½ Extras ••••½
Thirty years on, Rush still deserves the limelight. While the 5.1-channel mix on 2003's Rush in Rio DVDs focused on the roar of a rabid crowd, the surround on R30 - mixed by guitarist Alex Lifeson and Richard Chycki - emphasizes the trio's interlocking prowess. And the 16:9 anamorphic picture (shot in high-definition) is so clear, you can see the smoke wafting through the alternating white spotlights during "Animate." Bonus-disc extras include vintage interview footage, 1970s videoclips, and two smileworthy Easter eggs. (The Deluxe Edition also has the show on two CDs.) A performance this sharp reaffirms that Rush's vital signs are good to go through 2112 and beyond.

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