Rotten Tomatoes hits Vudu's movie library

Vudurt The Internet means never having to settle on a single source for reviews (except of course for home theater equipment and the audiophile and videophile qualities of home video releases, in which case Sound & Vision is the only source you need). If you haven't already heard of it, Rotten Tomatoes is a movie reviews aggregation site that takes a whole bunch of different sites and publications' reviews, and averages them to determine if a movie is "fresh" or "rotten."

According to Engadget HD, streaming movie service Vudu is adding Rotten Tomatoes scores and quotes from reviews to its interface. It doesn't seem to offer full reviews, but it does give each movie's "Tomatometer" score, and offers individual rotten/fresh ratings and quotes from top reviews. It's a pretty handy feature to use before you decide to actually sink your cash on downloading or streaming a film from Vudu's library.

Will Greenwald