Roku Hiccups

Did you pick up a new Netflix Roku player on Black Friday? Have one waiting under the tree? You better check on it, because it's not feeling too good. Roku owners have been experiencing a bug. A bad bug at that.

Seems like owners are reporting a severe loss of video quality - less than half of what they had before. Some have even said that the video stream is so bad that it is unwatchable.

What's up with that?

Netflix is reporting that the problem is most likely originating with Netflix, and not the Roku players, but right now, both sides are pointing fingers at each other.

 If your Roku is acting up, please go to the Roku website so they can get some information from you. They're trying to solve this, but they need input from users experiencing the loss of quality. Check out the Roku forum for more info.  Be the solution. —Leslie Shapiro