Road Gear: Blaupunkt PCA 465 Four-Channel Amplifier

CIVICS LESSON You learned in civics that a balance of power is good for democracy. The concept also applies to car-stereo amplifiers. Take the Blaupunkt PCA 465. It can be used in four-channel mode (65 watts x 4 into 4 ohms), as a two-channel amp (140 watts x 2 into 4 ohms), or in a three-way configuration (65 watts x 2 plus 140 watts x 1 into 4 ohms), all at 0.03 total harmonic distortion (THD). But it's the PCA 465's unique features that make it a prime OEM-upgrade candidate.

AUX-IN FREE High-level inputs enable the Blaupunkt to accept amplified signals from stock stereo systems, which typically lack preamp outputs. Plus, if your system doesn't have an aux-in jack, RCA inputs on the PCA 465 allow you to easily patch in a portable music player. And so you don't have to crawl under a seat or into the trunk every time you want to plug in your iPod, Blaupunkt offers a mini-plug extension adapter as an accessory that mates the portable to the amp. If only all the powers that be were this flexible. $240 800-950-2528

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