Review: Definitive Technology Bipolar SuperTower Speaker System Page 2



These cabinets are a little more demanding in their setup than is usual with most speakers. First, they’re tall and very slender, so bolting up the rather nice provided cast-aluminum footies, which you may fit with glides or spikes, should be considered pretty much mandatory. (Don’t ask how I know, but don’t worry; it’s only a really deep bruise.) Second, you must of course connect each speaker’s AC cable to a wall outlet to put the “power” in “Power-tower.” Finally, you’ve got a couple signal-hookup options. The simplest is to connect each tower to speaker wires originating from an A/V receiver’s front left/right speaker outputs, with those channels set to “full range.” Alternately, you can set the front left/right channels to “small” (setting the crossover around 80 Hz if the receiver includes that option), using a Y-cable to route a subwoofer output to each tower’s line-in RCA jack.

The CS-8060HD center-channel speaker is also a plug-in Power-tower, er, Power-bar. I connected this speaker-wire only, and let the onboard crossover do the figuring.