Nothing pisses me off more than seeing people getting ripped off. And few places have the ability to legally dodge usury and predatory lending like stores that sell merchandise on a "rent to own" basis. I received this ad in the mail today where one company is offering a 42-inch LCD for "only" $99.99 a month. In tiny print is the fact that you need to pay for this thing for 24 months and that your total cost is $2639.74. This is a massive RIP-OFF! You would be far better off to purchase the same TV on a credit card. Even if your interest rate is a wallet blistering 24%, if you made the same $99.99 monthly payments, you would pay the TV off in 18 months and save yourself over $830! Even more hateful is the fact that this company is selling this LG 42LG50 for $1499.99, which is $200 more than Best Buy's everyday price, and $450 more than their current sale price. Instead of "Wow!" the ad should say, "OUCH!"--John Sciacca