Records 4 Sale

Our fellow bloggers over at Gizmodo uncovered an interesting opportunity. Some guy is selling some records. About 3 million records, along with 300,000 Compact Discs. More than half the records are said to be new. Billed as the World's Greatest Music Collection, it represents a lifelong (60-year) fascination with recorded sound. Now, Paul Mawhinney wants to sell it.

Advancing age and health concerns, and the financial considerations that go with them, are forcing him to part with the summation of his passion. As with any collector who treasures his work, Paul is looking to find a good home for the collection. He's spent over 10 years searching for a buyer, but so far, there haven't been any serious offers. The collection is currently housed in a climate-controlled facility of 16,000 square feet.  The Terms of Sale require . . .

Ten percent down payment due and payable within five days of an agreement to purchase. The balance of the sale price is due and payable within thirty days. Price? Negotiable. Mr. Mawhinney says the estimated worth is $50 million. Of course, a collector's collection is often worth less to others who haven't done the collecting. The collection can be yours for $3 million. About a buck apiece. Same price as a download from iTunes. This video tells the story of the World's Greatest Music Collection. -Ken C. Pohlmann