Putting the Squeeze to Sirius

Squeezebox just got bigger! One of the easiest ways to listen to streaming media throughout your house just got better. Sirius is going to make over 80 of its channels available to all versions of Squeezebox. These channels will include their commercial-free music, along with Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, COSMO Radio, MAXIM Radio, Playboy Radio, Sirius NFL Radio, and four different comedy channels.

Squeezebox brings music anywhere you have audio equipment with a spare AUX input. According to their press release, "With the new Squeezebox Duet network music system, music lovers can listen to Sirius on the home-entertainment system in their living room, the stereo system in their bedroom, even on the mini-system in their kitchen -- anywhere they have audio gear -- and control it all from the palm of their hand." Squeezebox just got Sirius!—Leslie Shapiro