PS3 Firmware 2.5 Presents: Screengrabs!

Hot off the rumor mill: the firmware update for Sony's PS3 is going to have an exciting new feature. Screen grabs. Why, you ask? Simple. To prove that high score. Or, to save (and maybe zoom?) into your favorite movie scene. You know, movies like Basic Instinct. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Seriously, how fun will it be to capture the action of your favorite superhero flic?  Or for even more fun...

Do a screen grab from the Prison Break Blu-ray, and see if you can read the tattooed maps on Michael Scofield's bod.

Prisonbreak Sony's not discussing this feature, and it's not even known what you'll be able to do with the screen shots once you've captured them.

Who knows, but it's just kinda cool. -Leslie Shapiro

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