P.S. on BJ: SACD and DD

Bon_left_5 Bon_bounce Bon_wet It's the day before Live Earth (actually, it's only 6 hours away from when the global concert starts in Sydney, Australia), so for all of you Bon Jovi fans who will be heading out to see the band at the Giants Stadium finale, here's something I forgot to include in my July 1 post below: The Jersey boys have no fewer than four surround-sound releases. Namely:

Have a Nice Day (DualDisc with DVD-Audio resolution) review
This Left Feels Right (hybrid SACD)
Bounce (non-hybrid SACD) review
Slippery When Wet (DualDisc with DVD-Audio resolution) review

But if you want to track them down, you'd better act fast: Multichannel titles are disappearing completely from many stores. You may have better luck on these Web sites:


Alas, since Universal has basically abandoned multichannel music in the U.S., it's unlikely that we'll ever see a surround version of Lost Highway. -Ken Richardson