Preview: New York Audio Show

If you’re interested in audio and you’re anywhere in the Northeast U.S., the New York Palace Hotel is hosting what’s looking to be this year’ best audio show east of the Mississippi:  the New York Audio Show. The show takes place this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (April 12, 13, and 14).

Of course, the main reason to go to any audio show is to check out the gear. This one will feature exhibits by more than 200 audio companies. You’ll get to audition many of the products we’ve reviewed in the print and online versions of S&V, and many more besides. In many cases, the very people who designed the gear will be there to answer questions and give you the inside scoop on their latest creations. There’ll even be a special section called HeadZones just for headphone freaks.

Besides the exhibits, there will be numerous special events, performances, discussion panels, and technical workshops.

Workshops include, most notably, presentations by S&V contributing tech editor Brent Butterworth—hey, wait, that’s me!—titled “Understanding Frequency Response, Distortion and other Audio Specs” and “Speaker and Headphone Measurement: How the Pros Do It and How You Can Do It.” There’ll be lots more, too, including a discussion of high-res music formats with Chesky Records founder David Chesky and live demo of different Bluetooth audio codecs by Audio Precision field engineer Dan Foley.

Live performances include sets by folk artist Lori Lieberman and jazz singers Valerie Joyce and Louise Rogers.

An extensive set of presentations titled “From the Studio to You” will detail and demonstrate the processes of recording, mixing, and mastering. Classic Album Sundays will be playing many classic releases on vinyl through a top-notch reference system, and there’ll be screenings of the movie Last Shop Standing, which documents the rise and fall of the record store.

Tickets bought online run $18 on Friday, $23 for Saturday or Sunday, $35 for a two-day pass, or $45 for a three-day pass. Onsite purchase will run you a few bucks extra.

Show hours are Friday 2 pm to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 5 pm.

Sound & Vision’s editors will be prowling the halls, so if you see us, stop and say hi!