Pioneer LCD Kuros Hit Europe

Following the successful release of the new lines of Kuro plasma sets, Pioneer is making the same commitment to LCD. Well, committing to Europe, at least. Those lucky folks across the pond will be seeing three new Kuro LCDs ranging from 32-inches to 46-inches.  Although they're Pioneer Kuro-branded, it is known that the screen is produced by Sharp. While we won't see them until August, the specs look good.

The KRL-32V (32-inch) and the KRL-37V (37-inch) will hit the streets first, but no release date for the KRL-46V, the 46-inch model. All three have three HDMI ports and currently have 100Hz processing, which we'll assume will bump up to 120Hz for the US models. They're all 1080p/24 compatible. The viewing angle is 176 degrees and the two smaller models have a 6ms response time, while the KRL-46V has a 4ms response time. There's also a PC input, so you can use this for an incredible computer monitor.

Krl37v_small It should be interesting to see how these compare to the plasma Kuros. Someone send me a ticket to France - I promise the first thing I'll do when I get there is compare the plasma and LCD Kuros and write back. Really. First thing. -Leslie Shapiro

Pioneer press release