Pioneer Elite VSX-49TX THX Ultra2 Receiver Page 4

I got the same results with multichannel DVD-Audio discs. Orchestral passages sounded quite beguiling but were noticeably bright. Brightly recorded studio pop, like the DVD-Audio remaster of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, struck me as excessively "hot" in either ACE mode. Of course, you can manually tune the equalizers (or modify a previously stored ACE setting), so even if you're not satisfied with the automatic settings you still have a very powerful, potentially useful system to customize room response.

Speaking of DVD-Audio recordings, the VSX-49TX had the playback quality - and ample power all around - to do justice to even the most demanding disc. Listening to excellent multichannel music recordings, like the Dvorak Ninth Symphony on Teldec, with proper bass-management filtering was revealing. With my subwoofer finally able to provide the needed bass reinforcement to all of the other speakers in my system that require it, the full sweep and roll of the "New World" Symphony's many full-orchestra climaxes were faithfully conveyed.

On the ergonomics front, my marks are mixed. The VSX-49TX comes with Pioneer's AXD7295 preprogrammed/learning remote control. This handset has hard-wired keys for cursor and volume control as well as basic TV commands, but "soft" keys on a 5 x 7-inch backlit LCD touchscreen for the rest. Columns of fixed soft keys along each edge of the screen let you select the receiver input and the component to be controlled by the soft keys in the middle, which change depending on what you've selected.