Petite Pico Projector

You're at a business lunch and you realize you need to show your clients a picture of your marketing plan for their hot new widget. You have a picture of your ad idea stored on your phone, or it's stashed on your iPod. So there you are, huddled around a 2-inch screen as you try to explain the details they can't see.

Now, imagine if you could whip out a handheld projector from your shirt pocket and beam that image so everyone could see it?

Optoma just announced a DLP Pico chipset projector that will fit in the palm of your hand. How cool is that? You can share the images from your iPod, PDA, smart phone, and conveniently enough, your digital camera.

According to Optoma, "The Pico Projector utilizes the latest LED technology resulting in a colorful and vivid image. The small and powerful unit is based upon DLP technology assuring the highest possible contrast."
Pico_hand_s You know how annoying it is when your cellphone screen times out and goes blank as you're trying to share a picture with friends. Now, they'll never escape your vacation slideshow. Technology is good.

The Optoma Pico Projector will be available in Europe and Asia in late 2008, and worldwide in 2009.
-Leslie Shapiro