Personal Problem, Comcast?

Looks like nobody's happy with cable. We reported a few weeks ago about Los Angeles suing Time Warner Cable, and now, Comcast is getting grief. The only problem this time is that the complaints are coming from within!

Comcastcqeslide_2 In a blazing internal affairs blunder, a powerpoint created by a disgruntled Comcast employee was posted on the Consumerist website. Actual (supposedly) quotes from customers tell tales of service calls being repeatedly canceled, doorbells rung and the service tech running away instantly, before anyone but Superman could answer the door, and a case where the tech went out to the truck to get a screwdriver and never returning. Screwdriver, indeed!

If your own employees know you suck, how can you hope to please your customers?

Comcast. We suck, and we know it. -Leslie Shapiro

See the Powerpoint here