Paradigm's new speakers: both on- AND in-wall

Millenia Hybrid close-up)Paradigm's new architectural speakers can't make up their minds. On one hand, they're built into the walls, requiring holes to be cut for installation like in-wall speakers. On the other hand, they protrude from the wall, like on-wall speakers.

Not wanting to take sides, the company calls its new Reference Hybrid Millenia speakers "hybrid" on-wall/in-wall speakers, and claims the design offers fomr of the best of both varieties. Since it sticks out (slightly, at just an inch and a half) from the wall, it should offer superior acoustics than in-wall speakers that sit flush against the surface of the wall. Since it's built partly into the wall, it should offer greater stability than on-wall models that require a mount.

The new hybrid speakers will come in two varieties: the Reference Hybrid Millenia 10 and Reference Hybrid Millenia 20. The smaller Millenia 10 can handle up to 90 watts of power and features 3 drivers, while the beefier Millenia 20 can take up to 110 watts and offers 5 drivers. They will retail for $379 and $529 respectively.

Will Greenwald