Paradigm: Legend v.3 Home Theater Speaker System Page 3

Given its size and shape, I expected more deep bass from the Legend v.3's. Not that there was anything wrong with the bass they did provide, but the towers didn't play any deeper on the rumbles during the opening of the Sting album than my smaller, single-woofer reference speakers. Adding the PDR-12 to the mix changed everything, of course.

I did most listening with my receiver's subwoofer-output crossover set to 80 Hz - the THX standard and the only setting many A/V receivers offer - leaving the sub's own cutoff-frequency control wide open. Nonetheless, I had to experiment a bit to get the best blend with the Legend towers. In the end, I achieved the most extended yet "leanest" sound by moving the sub several feet from the original (and usually optimal) position and rolling its cutoff knob back a bit.

The result of all this tinkering was very good indeed: the PDR-12 proved to be a highly competent 12-inch boomer that delivered lots of output well below 35 Hz in my room. Given the right material, the Paradigm sub had no trouble exciting my room's vestigial in-the-wall rattle - the one that rears its head only in response to bass that's really loud and really deep.

The CC-270 v.3 center speaker fared very well in my standard comparisons of timbre relative to the left/right front speakers. Listening on-axis, I found the tone of male and female voices closely matching what I heard from the L/R speakers. There was the usual loss of presence as I moved well to one side or the other, which is common to most horizontal center speakers and caused by acoustic interference between the outputs of the two woofers.