Panasonic's Idea for Mike: World's Biggest Plasma

That would be Mike Bloomberg (at left in photo), a.k.a. Michael R. Bloomberg, a.k.a. The Mayor of New York City. And the TV is indeed the world's largest 1080p plasma set, a.k.a. the professional model TH-103PF9UK - which can be yours, too, for 70,000 bucks.

Shown next to Bloomberg is Panasonic COO Joseph Taylor, who represented the company in donating the HDTV to the Mayor for his home theater - er, City Hall, which has just undergone a renovation.

"Panasonic has been a great corporate citizen, and I would like to thank them for their generous donation," said Hizzoner. "New York's City Hall is the oldest in the nation to still house its original government functions, and this desperately needed renovation, including the plasma display, has given the building new life - making our office safer, more efficient, and more technologically advanced."

According to a press release, the set "will help the Mayor's Office monitor news and play back other video content in high definition." (Panasonic also donated a Blu-ray Disc player.) "In addition to TV channels, it will display real-time 311 call statistics and live video feed from NYC-TV's City Drive Live traffic cameras."

Hope the Mayor and everyone else got a great view of that steam blast! (Sorry!) -Ken Richardson