Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, in HD

Finally, the execs at CBS have come to their senses. Or perhaps their higher-ups threatened to vote them off the island if they didn't do this. After 16 standard-def seasons, the new season of Survivor, based for the first time in Gabon, will be in high definition. Survivor will be shot with Sony's new XDCAM HD camera systems. See why the XDCAM was the ideal choice for Survivor.

Given the extreme demands out in the jungle, a camera that's reliable and rugged is essential. The same system was chosen for CBS's COPS. From the Sony press release from NAB: Langley Productions purchased 13 XDCAM HD units for the COPS production team. "The camera has tremendous depth of field and produces phenomenal images in low-light situations, which is the most common shooting scenario for this series," Goto said. "This is critical since the crew is frequently running after bad guys. We needed a camera that could absorb a lot of shock, and this one was definitely up to the job." As anyone who's seen Survivor, you know it's up for similar abuse.

Images_sizedimage_132092942 Apparently, this latest season is already having some drama. According to a post on TV Squad the production crew is experiencing a series of problems. A delayed shipment means they're living in tents, $100,000 worth of food is missing, and they're having problems with wild animals. Hippo tracks at base camp, to be exact. If you ask me, I think they should turn those Sony HD cameras on the crew - sounds like behind the scenes could be as compelling as the show they're shooting.

Let's just hope the new season isn't going to give DVR owners the same problems they had last season. For the continued well-being of my TiVo, it better not mess up my recordings of Survivor.

Now that it's in high-def, can we bring James back for just one more season? -Leslie Shapiro

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