Oppo Shows PM3 Planar Magnetic Headphones for on the Go

Sometime this spring, Oppo plans to release its first ever closed-backed planar magnetic headphones. Meant for audiophiles on the go, the headphones are much more the size of traditional closed-backed over-ear headphones. The reduction in size was accomplished by using a smaller driver than Oppo used in the open-backed PM1 or PM2 and the driver’s shape is round rather than cylindrical. The tuning is mostly flat with a slight bump in the bass and treble to create what Oppo called a more “exciting” sound. That said, the boost is very small, and from what I could hear, the sonic execution was exquisite. Oppo really managed to capture everything that makes its open-backed headphones wonderful in a smaller, more accessible package.

Also noteworthy is the choice to make the PM3 not dependent on a headphone amp to power them; the audio port in your favorite device is more than enough to get adequate volume. However should you choose to use an amp, Oppo also will be releasing the HA-2 headphone amp at around the same time as the PM3. The HA-2 will have an ⅛” analog input jack as well as a USB port that enables iPhone users to use the lightning cable in their device to send a digital signal to the internal DAC. Also, this same USB port can be repurposed in a pinch to charge your phone.

Overall, if the production models are as good as the prototypes I heard, Oppo will have some really fantastic products on its hands. Plus, the price points are low enough that the PM3 and HA-2 can serve as entry-level planar magnetic headphones and headphone amp for the new or frugal enthusiast.

PM3: $399

HA-2: $299