Oppo BDP-93 Disc Player Sweepstakes

If you've been drooling over Oppo's new universal disc players—and let's face it, who among our readers hasn't?—here's your chance to snag one for free in our latest sweepstakes! We're giving away a BDP-93, valued at $499, which is widely considered to be among the finest disc players available today at any price.

The BDP-93 is a bona fide overachiever, providing everything that Blu-ray currently has to offer, including 3D with two HDMI 1.4a outputs (in case your AVR or pre/pro can't pass 3D signals to your display), 24fps output, BD-Live with 1GB of internal memory and wireless-n capability, BonusView, DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD bitstreaming and decoding, and 7.1-channel analog outputs. As a true universal disc player, it not only plays Blu-rays, DVDs, and CDs, but also SACD and DVD-Audio discs for all you audiophiles out there. And if that isn't enough to get excited about, the BDP-93 also provides access to a wide variety of online streaming content from the likes of Netflix, Vudu, and Blockbuster On Demand, as well as your own digital media files on networked devices, USB storage devices, and even eSATA hard drives connected directly to the player. The latest Marvell Qdeo video processor assures superior video performance from any source.

To enter the sweepstakes, all you need is an account on HomeTheater.com. If you don't already have one, click on the link labeled "register" at the bottom of this announcement or "Create new account" in the right column. Then, enter a username and a valid e-mail address, and click on the "Create new account" button. A message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specified, which will include a link to activate the account.

The final step (and only step for those who already have an account) is to log in and leave a comment right here on this announcement—any comment will do, as long as it's not profane or spam. Then, after the one-month entry period, one lucky commenter will be chosen at random to receive the prize. So what are you waiting for? Post a comment, and good luck!

For complete sweepstakes rules, click here.

[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

DuncanDMG's picture

It sure would would be a nice treat to have an Oppo!

mehuang's picture

Love to win!

wardlawc's picture


jaimebus's picture

Im just rolling the dice!! Come on Oppo!!!

mingmmliu's picture

Oppo player rocks!

midfi's picture

Give me something to recommend to my friends!

mwinely's picture

I definitely won't miss my Samsung player if I win this baby. Looking forward to hearing high def music also,

mwright24's picture

Would be awesome to win this!

daleaherman's picture

Tije to replace squeezebox and get better blu ray

dmineard's picture

I started with a Sony top of the line DVD player 45 days after DVD's were released. It's so much fun being an early adopter. Many years later I got a Toshiba HD DVD player and they went under so I got the Panasonic middle of the line Blu-ray and it was good. Over the past year I have played with many Blu-ray players and I could not find one I liked. Right after the OPPO - 93 came out I bought one.

Oh my, it's outstanding. The player and the remote is outstanding. Ergonomically its the best I have ever found. This is the best Blu-ray player under $1,000.

I have two adult children who want me to win this one for them.


d6a4s5's picture

Please pick someone who doesn't already have an Oppo (BDP-93 or otherwise). Dang, people are greedy!

Phillip J. Fry's picture


Kinfolk's picture

count me in

Oruki's picture

This has been on the wish list a long time. I would really enjoy being able to check it off

MagicMan's picture

Roku from the main room to the bedroom. Hope the interface is as good.

bijou98's picture

After many diferent and inferior brands, this would be the best for our home. However, my wife would disable me if I bought home a $500.00 toy (sic). Thank you guys!

ihopalot's picture

a non profane - COMMENT

willymayer's picture

This would be a great replacement for my BDP-83 and a nice companion for my new Panasonic TC-P65GT30 plasma. I got the free Avatar 3D starter set with the TV and can't wait to see the movie in 3D.

catmar's picture

This is one sweet blu ray palyer!

P smo 63's picture

pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseprettyplease....dang it!
I'm all out of sugar....

Pierre Choiniere's picture

I own a LG and a Sony blu ray at the moment, their good performer but there is not comparaison to make beside a BDP-93 he`s the King of players. And this King can rules my little kingdom anytime !

oldschool's picture

Looking to upgrade disc player with Blue Ray player. Everything I've read says this is the one!

anakinskye's picture

Fingers crossed!

Ovation123's picture

This would definitely open up my receiver shopping possibilities (no need to restrict myself to a MCH analogue input equipped receiver for my current SACD/DVD-A player). Good luck to all (but better luck to me).

joseywales's picture

I could definitely find a use for this....please throw my hat into the ring.

biaubill's picture

spent so much money on $1000+ dvd players, that I have no money for blu-ray player.

cvillevideo's picture

Thank you, Hometheater.com!

mjaybird's picture

I would love to win one. I need a new blu-ray. I have a 2nd gen one and it loads slow. I want a good player to be fast and stream and 3D is a plus

ThePrall44's picture

me wants an oppo

brianalley's picture

I need a new blu-ray player and it would be great to win this

ToTalXS's picture

I would love it. Thanks!

enyaW's picture

I've been wanting an Oppo of ages. Here's hoping.

zorrounit's picture

I know I'm never going to win this contest, but it's a really great prize!

Kenny Kraly Jr.'s picture

I love the Oppo blu-ray players. Count me in. I would love to win a oppo blu-ray player.

utep83's picture

Mmmmmmm much eat blu-ray :) Would love this one, my baby is giving in sadly.

cartoonman's picture

Nice! please sign me up!

JTFMT's picture

I have an early OPPO DV-981HD player and I would love to replace it with the BDP-93.

RFFarms's picture

I could always use a Oppo "Insert Winner Here"

sonnydj's picture

I actually had never heard of this brand before it was mentioned on the Leo Laporte show this weekend along with this website so I joined and am hoping to win one! Thanks for the opportunity.

Calguy's picture

This would be a great for my birthday

JGDeRuvo's picture

Listening to Scott and Leo talk about the OPPO Blu-ray player on the Tech Guy is like watching someone eat a $100 Steak dinner at a fine restaurant through a Window! It makes my mouth water!

So of course, I'd love to win it. ;)

wbnking's picture

oppo makes awesome audio

drwho351's picture

This would be a cool device to win! Thanks Scott :)

chicamuxen's picture

Looks like a very nice player. Love Blu Ray!!

parkerhere's picture

Would love to try this player!

jeff4free's picture

I was listenting to Leo Leporte and decided to watch the live pod cast on http://live.twit.tv/
Really fun!!! Suggest everyone try it if you haven't yet.
That's how I learned about www.hometheater.com

timivie's picture

PS3 days are numbered and I no longer have time for video games. Looks like an awesome upgrade to me.

imavior's picture

This would be a nice first Blu-ray player.

gscharaga's picture

I love multi channel Audio like Beatles Love and Pink Floyd's Dark side of the moon. I have a OppoDV-980 H which is not Blu ray; I would love to upgrade to the BDP-93

budster1949's picture

The BDP-93 is the absolute best. Thanks for the opportunity.

hbomb7's picture

I would love to win this player because from all the articles I've read about this player, it is the BEST!!!!!

caffeinefreedavid's picture

I've looked and drooled over Oppo players for years. But I could never make the money leave my bank account and into Oppo's. This would make a long time dream come true.

Murphbuzzy's picture

I would so need to upgrade to a better DVD Home Theater since my 11 yr old Panasonic Surround has totally crashed and now using my Sony 46" Flat speakers..haha. So, yes would love to win this for sure.

Good luck everyone!

bh73000's picture

That player looks good.

geoacer's picture

cool name - thanks!

heapatrouble's picture

Looking to indulge my technolust!

Gizmo98's picture


aopchuck's picture

Looking forward to getting better quality!

jamesrlane's picture

Have had 2 Oppo models in past and am most impressed. Interested in trying the newest model

bh's picture


unclert's picture

what a great sweepstakes

twosheds's picture

I hope it plays VCDs. The only format the Blue-Ray player I bought (Insignia) that won't play is VCDs.

sl1200mk2's picture

I'd love one of these!!

utopianemo's picture

Given that the winner will be chosen at random, I shall leave a random response: hydrogen gorilla steal fickle drama phalanges!

utopianemo's picture

Given that the winner will be chosen at random, I shall leave a random response: hydrogen gorilla steal fickle drama phalanges!

andy20000's picture

great website, thx!

ralphkuehl's picture

Own a 970HD and a PS3. Time for a standalone blu-ray player.

andy20000's picture

great website, thx!

koz303's picture

I still have a dvd player, i really need to upgrade to a blue-ray player.

stillkickn's picture

After hearing about the Oppo BDP-93 Blu Ray on 92.1 in Madison, I've gotta have it! It has a lot of cool features that my blu-ray doesn't such as 3D and DVD audio. Actually, the price isn't that bad considering all the features you get. So glad I heard about it on the radio! Winning it will be AWESOME!

Engineer55's picture

Heard about this on The Tech Guy Show - 07AUG2011. Thanks for a great segment each week, Scott.

jams50's picture

Thanks for the contest

Bigguy95124's picture

I need a Blu-Ray player and OPPO is the best.

jhernz's picture

Oh boy I need this player bad! I'm still on the 2nd generation Panny BD30 player.

mgruberxx1's picture

would love to own this player

chijun's picture

sign me up


RonP's picture

the Oppo BDP-93 sure would be a great addition to my home theater setup.

Ian B's picture

I am due to upgrade and this would be a great addition to my JVC X3 projecotor.

Ian B

amybounds's picture

Thanks! Looks like a great player.

normk's picture

I would like to try this player on my sacd's.

bleujob's picture


RealSpeaker's picture

I bought a Samsung HDTV 32" in December 2010 for my 81 year old mother.
She is using an old Phillips DVd Player without a stop button on her remote control! Mom and i have had a hard time with this DVD.
A 2 years of looking at reviews, i agreed OPPO is the best DVD player out there. I am pretty sure it has a stop button on the remote.
Mom asked: " What did you say? OPPO? OPPO with stop button?"
Me: "Yes Mom, OPPO OPPO"!!!

Gary123's picture

nice to have one of these, Oppo BDP-93

samtrpt's picture

Fantastic prize, I would love this!

davej6600's picture

I would love to own one !!!!

MTmom57's picture

Thank you for this great contest!

KOTH's picture

Hope I Win.

coffin8811's picture

looks amazing! my dvd player broke :[

watuzi's picture

This is a nice upgrade, I still have dvd player. Such a shame.

HeatherC19's picture

Ahhhhh I'd love to win this! Streaming Netflix without having to drag my xbox around would be awesome plus we dont even have a bluray player!