Nostalgic Xbox 360 HD DVD Player Update

If you're one of the unlucky souls who sprang for an HD DVD player attachment for your Xbox 360, the rest of the world may have already dismissed you, but Microsoft still has your back. Months after the format war victory officially went to Blu-ray, Microsoft sent out a software update to the owners of Xbox 360 HD DVD players - that's loyalty.

Sure, the update itself might not actually do anything noticeable, but its the thought, the reminder from Redmond that the company still thinks about you and your plight, that matters most. If you happen to watch one of your obsolete HD DVD movies on your player this week for old time's sake, you'll be prompted to accept an automatic update through Xbox Live.

The update says it will "improve compatibility with certain titles" (they don't say which ones), and add "additional support for network features" (this doesn't appear to have anything in common with the Blu-ray 2.0 profile). Take the update, or leave it, but either way your heart will be warmed by Microsoft's lingering HD DVD affection. -Rachel Rosmarin

Major Nelson