No NuVo Wires

With a name that sounds more akin to a nighttime wrinkle cream solution than a breakthrough multi-room audio distribution system, NuVo Technologies Renovia is designed to make adding music to existing home a far simpler proposition. With new construction starts down across the country, a "no new wires" solution will allow installers to tap into the potentially huge retrofit market.

Unlike virtually every other music distribution system on the planet, Renovia's hook is that it won't require extensive prewiring. Instead, Renovia utilizes the HomePlug 1.0 powerline carrier technology to send both audio and metadata signals over a home's existing electrical wiring. Amplification will be built into zone amps that fit into double gang wall boxes. A high-voltage power supply to be connected by the electrician will install on one side of the box, with the 50-watt amplifier and processing technology on the other. From the zone amps, the installer then runs a Cat 5 control cable to a NuVo touchpad and traditional speaker wiring to the speakers.

Renovia will also come pre-loaded with dual AM/FM tuners, will be Sirius satellite ready, and allow users to plug in two iPod docks and two additional analog sources. Further, the system will be able to control and play digital content over the network using NuVo's Music Port module. The system will will work just like NuVo's Concerto or Essentia systems and be able to accommodate 12 audio zones. While pricing has yet to be set, it is expected to cost the same as the Grand Concerto system. (Click here to read my review of that system.)

NuVo will be previewing Renovia at the upcoming CEDIA Expo in September, with the system expected to be available in early '09 after extensive in-field testing. Keep checking back as we continue to bring exciting updates, announcements and live coverage from the Expo. – John Sciacca

John Sciacca is The Custom Installer columnist for Sound & Vision. His company is Custom Theater and Audio.