A No HELOC Dedicated Home Theater

These last two weeks have been very tight to find blogging time, but this is too cool not to share even if it’s a copout in the form of a quickie to those keeping score at home. A Home Theater reader named Andrew Lambert just emailed over a link to this YouTube video of his dedicated home theater.

Putting together a dedicated theater with a front projection system is not such a big whoop if writing a big check to a custom integration firm is within your means. But Andrew says he put this entire room together for less than $20k, minus the movie collection of course! His system boasts 720p front projection with a 101” screen, full 7.1-channel lossless surround sound powered by a Denon AVR-789 receiver with Paradigm speakers, and a PS3 for Blu-ray playback. His theater seats six in reclining comfort, in two rows of three. Specifically, Andrew says what you see here is about $10k in gear, $3k in building out the room, and $1,500 in furniture. The video’s not bad either even if I think Andrew could have thrown on some pants for his video shoot! But most importantly, this is a really impressive theater space in a very real home, and a nice break from the theater installs that belong on lifestyles of the famous.

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No one had a single thing to say about this?!I thought this was pretty cool. Shows what I know.

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Just stumbled on your blog Shane.As someone who built-out my own home theater I know what kind of commitment it can take but it was worth it.I built out a 16 x 29 x 8 room as a music\HT room.Fortunately, a friend who has 20+ years in construction worked with me over a 16 month period.I paid for professional plans but it still is a ton of problem solving, decisions, time and more materials than I ever would've thought possible.Bought several pieces of gear new on Audiogon, had 3 matching LCRs built, threw in some SVS subs, AT screen a NOS JVS RS series PJ, a Michael Chen calibration and I love it.The thing is, only a few of my friends really enjoy it. They all think it's cool, or so they tell me ;), but to many people a flat panel is really all they want.I applaud anyone who takes on building an HT room and understand the level of satisfaction it brings.Great article.

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Thanks for the encouragement, Shane and Doug. Nobody seems to realize that this is a labor of love (cinematic love?). Those of us that love films like we obviously do realize that the equipment we install only services the great films we watch! My wife and kids don't care about 1080p or lossless sound - but when Julie Andrews comes sweeping over that hill and you can see the threads in her dress and hear the meadow sounds - everyone notices! Wait. I mean...when Jason Stathom drives off that car carrier and the chase intensifies...boy oh boy. Yeah. Blows up real good! Thanks again, guys! :)

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I think the thing that blows me away is that front projection is now less expensive and leagues bigger and better than RPTVs were a decade ago. And for us, movies are a totally inclusive family time. When I say it's movie night my 5 1/2 year old starts jumping up and down and runs down to the big media room. He's bummed if we want to watch a cool movie on our flat panel upstairs, and that's a 50" KURO (seriously, he's spoiled but appreciative). Look at Andrew's room. He didn't spend a million bucks, and he spent more on the room than the gear it seems. I keep hoping the more we can share rooms and stories like this the more people will aspire to this kind of thing and realize they don't have to rob a bank to do it.

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Great post, I cant wait to build mine I am just in the researching phase but its great to see setups like this. It is indeed a labor of love and over all the reward to me is priceless.

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Hey this Joe from Cottage Grove Oregon and I love your Home Theater...Awesome Job :)