No 1080p Netflix streaming in 2010, 5.1 still on schedule

It's no secret that Netflix considers streaming to be a huge part of their future, but unfortunately that dosn't mean they're going to be making the leap to 1080p any time soon. Yesterday, Netflix used its official Twitter account to squash any hopes of us seeing that happen before the turn of 2011 and possibly beyond. The Tweet read simply, "Contrary to popular Tweets and retweets, 1080p is not coming to Netflix and is not in Netflix development plans," and linked to an article on The Huffington Post. After considering the fact that streaming 1080p content will allegedly require upwards of 10 Mbps, it's not difficult to understand why reaching top resolution isn't one of their main priorities. Luckily, it seems that 5.1-channel audio and closed captioning are still on tap for this calendar year. Personally, I'm OK with their slow progress toward 1080p if it means an uptick in the amount of worthwhile content available for streaming. -Stan Horaczek