Nice Rack

Are you interior-space challenged? Are your audio/video aspirations bigger than the cubby hole you call home? Do you live in Europe? Then Sharp has the answer to your prayers. The AN-PR1500H home cinema rack system is a triumph of form and function. It is an all-in-one home cinema system with 2.1 front surround speakers, an advertised 300 watts of output, integrated upscaling DVD/CD player, HDMI output, support for digital formats like DivX, MP3 and WMA, FM tuner, and even a clock/timer. A USB port lets you display photographs such as JPEGs. No need for additional wires or cables; it's all right there. The piano black finish should fit into most decors and best of all, the rack functions as a TV stand, comfortably holding screens up to 46 inches.

The electronics and speakers are tucked into the rack's top level, so the bottom is available for other consoles and stuff. Of course, there is a remote, as if you need another one. The AN-PR1500H's price in the U.K. is £599.00 (that's $1,163). No word on when the system will be available for space-economizing Americans. -Ken C. Pohlmann