Netflix just announced they'll soon begin charging an extra premium to subscribers who want access to Blu-ray rentals. Now, I'm a Netflix fan from way back - one of the first to write about it in the mags. Still on the 4 disc/month plan (and my family uses the [poop] out of it). But charging a premium for BD? The height of cynicism. Not the way to grow this thing, and Netflix knows this, which is why they're making this move. 

They know Blu-ray's a bust and this is their way of having it both ways - this way they can say they're offering Blu-ray and staying on the cutting edge. But by charging more, they know the added charge will severely limit the demand so they don't have to invest too heavily in the format. Netflix knows its future lies with streaming and downloads, not discs in the mail. They knew that five years ago.

You know what? My initial response upon hearing the announcement was disgust, but now that I've thought about it: Nicely played, Netflix. You get the Blu-tards off your back on the cheap, and you'll make a few more bucks per month off those too stupid to see the writing on the wall. You can keep charging me 16 clams a month for my grandfathered 4 discs at a time, and I'll keep ripping them as fast as my Mac will suck 'em and spit 'em. Race you to the cliff. -Corey Greenberg


Veteran tech journalist Corey Greenberg is the creator of Shaveblog.