Netflix Streaming Network Favorites

Netflix just announced that, starting next month, subscribers will be able to stream a variety of current TV shows, sometimes just 24 hours after their TV network broadcast. Both CBS and ABC's Disney Channel are signed on for this deal.

Starting this week, CSI:Miami and CSI:NY will be available, with more titles being added quickly. Unfortunately, only SD versions are in the works, but we can hope HD will follow shortly.

Now, my question is...

Will the networks eliminate the streaming they've been offering for free on their corporate websites? Nothing helps spruce up a boring lunch hour like catching up on the CBS prime time show you missed the night before. I'm gonna be bummed if I lose NUM3ERS and NCIS for my break-time fix.

While the current deal is with Disney shows such as Hannah Montana, can ABC shows be far behind?

Netflix offerings will most likely be commercial-free, and the online free versions have commercials, so hopefully, both will still be available. -Leslie Shapiro

International Business Times