Netflix launches streaming-only service in Canada


Starting Wednesday, September 22, Canadian residents will be able to subscribe to Netflix's streaming video service, without receiving physical discs in the mail. While Netflix has offered its streaming video service for several years, it has always been paired with its DVDs-by-mail service. This is the first time customers have gotten a streaming-only subscription option.

Unfortunately, American customers still have to get physical discs alongside their Watch Instantly service. As Netflix's streaming video library gets larger and more home entertainment devices get access to the service, customers will likely turn to Netflix's streaming videos as the majority of the service. I personally haven't gotten a new disc in months, but I load up my Watch Instantly disc on my PS3 a few times a week. Hopefully the program in Canada is just a pilot, and Netflix will explore American online-only subscription plans in the future.

Will Greenwald

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter" via Engadget]