Netflix: If We Offer Blu-ray, They Will Come

Early year-end present for Netflix! They had hoped to have 500,000 subscribers paying an extra $1/month to be able to get Blu-ray discs by the end of the year. They've already met that goal, a few weeks ahead of schedule. Do the math - Netflix is making an extra $500,000 per month by offering Blu-ray. Holy cannoli! When the economy tanks, folks stay home and watch movies. Blu-ray movies.

Netflix plans to push Blu-ray even more by promoting the format inside the mailing envelopes it uses for DVDs.

See what else Netflix has to say . . .

This is all in addition to the other options for getting Netflix into your home. Just yesterday, we told you about Netflix streaming on TiVo and some Blu-ray players can also stream from Netflix.

At a media conference, CFO Barry McCarthy said, "The economy's been very much our friend. We've had a remarkably strong quarter. There's no downward migration of price points by existing customers."

What do you think? Are you more willing to pay a buck extra a month for Blu-ray? Seems like a small price to pay. —Leslie Shapiro

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